The Teams

Each of the teams competing in this years USARA Adventure Race National Championship have proven themselves in one or more of the regional qualifying events held across the United States. This alone will ensure fierce competition at the USARA National Championships. Add the lure of being crowned best of the best and determination to win turns to a will of steel. There are a lot of adventure races in the US each year, none of them offer such a competitive field racing for such high stakes. Follow all of the action to see who will be crowned this years USARA Adventure Race National Champions.

3 Bike Moms (Female), GA
Captain: Amy Heerema
Members: Teri Lynn, Rachel Witkeiwicz
Division: Open
Mountain Race Company/Maine Nerve, AR
Captain: Rachel Furman
Members: Shane Hagerman, TBD
Division: Coed
3 Shades of Grey, IN
Captain: Bill Ivery
Members: Dean Williams, Jason Majors
Division: Open
No Complaints-Topo, OH
Captain: Jim benton
Members: Brain Grafton, Eric Olsen
Division: Open
361 Chickpoint (Female), KY
Captain: Karen Clark
Members: Casey Hill, Jess Evans
Division: Open
No Sleep Adventures, IN
Captain: John Farless
Members: TBD, TBD
Division: Open
39 Down , MO
Captain: Jeff Ryan
Members: Angie Ryan, Jason Noakes
Division: Coed
No Sleep Adventures 2, IN
Captain: Jacob Parker
Members: TBD, TBD
Division: Open
Adventure South Racing, LA
Captain: Dustin Branton
Members: Jessie Nelson , Jennifer Neil
Division: Coed
OFF The Grid Racing, FL
Captain: Jake Brewer
Members: Mark Boylant, May-Li Cuypers
Division: Coed
All Toenails Go to Heaven, AL
Captain: Nathan Davis
Members: Kyle Davis, Ben Hall
Division: Open
Captain: Nathan Goff
Members: Mandy Goff, Brian Greaser
Division: Coed
Appalachian Bear Attack, KY
Captain: TJ Zakowski
Members: Kristy Deep, Tyler Sgro
Division: Coed
Only MOSTLY Lost, OH
Captain: Laura Comtois
Members: Gary Dunham, Jason Schaefer
Division: Coed
Big Muddy Racers, NE
Captain: Doug Deden
Members: Jerri Campbell, Sean Halverson
Division: Coed
Quest Race Team, WA
Captain: Brent Molsberry
Members: Annie Molsberry, Matt Hayes
Division: Coed
Brazucas , VA
Captain: Herbert Schmidmeier
Members: Ricardo Franca De Araujo, TBD
Division: Open
Rib Mountain Racing, WI
Captain: Tim Buchholz
Members: Anna Nummelru, Ryan Kuitter
Division: Coed
Chaffing the Dream, VT
Captain: Tom Martin
Members: Amanda Martin , Adam Hergenrother
Division: Coed
Captain: Zach Harter
Members: Rusty Chadwick, Jeff Holloway
Division: Open
Chaos Machine , ME
Captain: Cliff White
Members: Kate White, Rick Keilty
Division: Coed
Rootstcok Racing, PA
Captain: Brent Freeland
Members: TBD, TBD
Division: Coed
Checkpoint Zero Coed, NC
Captain: Susan Alderman
Members: Peter Jolles, John Dove
Division: Coed
Rootstock Racing, PA
Captain: Abby Perkiss
Members: TBD, TBD
Division: Coed
Checkpoint Zero Masters, NC
Captain: Michele Hobson
Members: Aller McAdams, Jon Barker
Division: Coed
Team Kuat, MO
Captain: Jason Bettis
Members: Ashley O'Reilly, Jeff Sona
Division: Coed
Cherubini Brothers AR, PA
Captain: Michael Cherubini
Members: Jeff Cherubini, James Cherubini
Division: Open
Team Noah Racing - SLOC, MO
Captain: Kevin Minton
Members: YVonne Deyo, Mickey Boianoff
Division: Coed
CP Phychosis, IL
Captain: Drake White
Members: Lauren Ison, TBD
Division: Coed
Team Skyler, KY
Captain: Ricky Pennington
Members: Bill Wargel, Lonnie Bashan
Division: Open
Dirty Skirts (Female), KY
Captain: Tefany T Bleuel
Members: Ashley Cook, TBD
Division: Open
Team thisABILITY, VA
Captain: Chip Dodd
Members: Andrea Anderson, Kathy Hoverman
Division: Coed
En Fuego , AL
Captain: Stan Snyder
Members: Robert Price, Nathan McCarthy
Division: Open
The Long Lost Boys, IN
Captain: Derek Woods
Members: Chris Crenshaw, Sam Steffey
Division: Open
Fragile Flowers (Female), NY
Captain: Olga Huber
Members: Barbare Niess-May, Elizabeth Barrese
Division: Open
The Lost Boys, IN
Captain: Kris Williams
Members: Jason Woods, Cliff Brooks
Division: Open
Captain: Glen Lewis
Members: TBD, TBD
Division: Coed
TJ79 Moziatex, OH
Captain: Mathieu
Members: Marc ORI, Brooke Manning
Division: Coed
Journey Racing, UT
Captain: Ian Hoag
Members: Melissa Miller, Tom McKeen
Division: Coed
Tribe 325 (Female), IN
Captain: Katherine Noel
Members: Karen Noel, Rachel Fernung
Division: Open
Les Missourables , MO
Captain: David McWilliams
Members: Jack Bourbonnais, Mike Southworth
Division: Open, NH
Captain: Dave Lamb
Members: Britt Mason, Chris Meewes
Division: Coed
Maud Tortoise, OK
Captain: Philip J. Maud
Members: Preston Ewing, Dylan Bruntzez
Division: Open
We Will Survive, MI
Captain: Brenda Carlson-Brown
Members: Joseph Brown, Daryl McCauley
Division: Coed


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