Race Updates

Results are up
10/04 4:45 PM
Check the Results link. Big congratulations to our finishers!

Collegiate Division
10/04 4:40 PM
Our Collegiate Division official finishers and winners are Adventure Sports Institute of Garrett College with 19 CPs. This was the local team's second AR and first overnight race. Much respect to these guys for persevering through a tough one!

Open Division Winners
10/04 4:39 PM
First in the Open Division is Richmond ASR with 33 CPs. Second is Team Brightbyte with 32 CPs. Third is Goose Adventure Racing with 31 CPs. The Open Division is for all male and all female teams. We're looking for some all female teams to give these guys a run for the money next year!

Masters Winners
10/04 4:37 PM
Rev3/MK wins the Masters title with 43 CPs. Second place in the Masters category is Team Odyssey Adventure Racing with 40 CPs. Third place was NYARA Masters with 38 CPs. There were a total of 46 CPs possible. Congratulations to our Masters winners!

Team Tecnu wins it again!
10/04 4:35 PM
Three teams cleared the most challenging USARA Adventure Race National Championship course in recent memory, and Team Tecnu came out on top, with a time of 29 hrs, 10 mins, 33 secs. Tecnu is the first team to win the championship back-to-back. Second place was Team Bushwhacker and third was DART-Nuun. Congratulations to all the finishers!

Team Technu out on final O course
10/04 11:00 AM
Team Technu has cleared all CPs and have headed out on the final O course!

Lead changes
10/04 9:22 AM
Bushwhacker made a great showing at Savage River Score-O and came out just ahead of Tecnu. Tecnu has regained the lead on the bike back to Wisp, however. DART Nuun fell behind about 30 minutes at Savage River and is now in hot pursuit, clawing their way back. Rev3/MK and Untamed/Madathlete.com are in the mix, too, but taking different routes back to Wisp, so the top 5 spots are totally up in the air at this point! We're going to have an exciting race finish at Wisp Resort here in Deep Creek, Maryland!!

Tight race at Savage River
10/04 7:35 AM
From the tracker, it appears Tecnu, DART Nuun and Bushwhacker are within 15 - 20 minutes of each other on the Savage River O-course. Should make for some blistering speeds on the bike ride back to Wisp!

Team 51, Brothers Grime finished
10/04 4:29 AM
Good job, guys! 20 1/2 hours of racing in some brutal conditions - all respect.

Note on finish placement
10/04 4:28 AM
Bear in mind that teams who are finishing the course at this point in the night have not cleared all the CPs and, therefore, the time a team arrives at the finish line does not necessarily reflect their standing in the race. The lead teams are currently still tackling the Score-O at the aptly-named Savage River

Whitewater kayaking at ASCI
10/04 3:52 AM
We should probably clarify that the ASCI whitewater course was designed to be paddled in a boat. Only adventure racers would be crazy enough to think of doing the course on boogie-boards.

Temps are dropping and rain is coming down
10/04 3:27 AM
Earlier in the evening, it seemed the forecast had improved. However, we've seen the temperature drop significantly in the last few hours, and the rain has become more steady, too. It's got to be tough for these teams to keep pushing through this. Adverse weather takes an emotional toll that makes it that much more difficult to deal with the physical suffering they're experiencing on this steep, grueling course. Stay strong and keep moving racers!!

Team 60 finishes the race
10/04 3:26 AM
Summit Adventure Racing/Commie Bar decided to finish their race without going out on the last bike leg and Savage River Score-O.

Teams 59 and 63 call it a night
10/03 11:54 PM
Some teams have decided to finish their race at Wisp Resort without going back out on the last bike leg or tackling the aptly named "Savage River Score-O." Rough weather this evening and a tough course have taken a toll on racers' bodies and spirits. No significant injuries, however, just some teams who are ready to call this one done. Shake N' Bake and Vaporizers, both in the open category, are official finishers.

Word from the East Side
10/03 10:57 PM
Race Director Brian Holzhausen of DINO is standing on the Eastern Continental Divide at Meadow Mountain (near CP 23). Tecnu just came over the mountain, headed to TA 3. Bushwhacker in the area also and looking strong.

Purple Cobras
10/03 10:32 PM
Just headed out on the last bike leg. Reported this is their 2nd adventure race and their 1st overnight race. They're super pumped to be here!

Teams on Savage River Score-O
10/03 9:37 PM
Team #s 15, 25, 27, 28, 35, 36, 42, 55

Team 18 officially finishes
10/03 9:11 PM
Team 18 (Massey's Professional Outfitters) has officially finished the race after the orienteering leg at Deep Creek. They opted not to bike out to the Savage O. They did get both the far paddling CPs (8 and 9), which undoubtedly took a toll.

Teams go for unexpected swim
10/03 9:10 PM
Teams 49 (Blue Sky AR) and 53 (Goose AR) both capsized their canoes on the paddle due to whitecaps as the wind whipped up the water. Cold, but hardy.

The weather turns
10/03 8:02 PM
Racers were looking pretty soaked and bedraggled coming off the paddle, thanks to a solid, soaking rain. After it lightened up a bit, spirits brightened, only to be slammed now by another steady downpour. And the temps are dropping. It's going to be a rough night out there.

Team DNR skips paddle and Deep Creek O
10/03 8:01 PM
Team DNR made the strategic choice to skip the paddle and the Deep Creek orienteering section. They must be bikers, hoping to maximize their time in the saddle.

NYARA makes strategic choice
10/03 8:00 PM
NYARA made a strategic decision to skip the paddle. We'll see if it pays off!

Team 56 - 1 racer out
10/03 8:00 PM
Team 56 has dropped one racer due to a minor injury (turned ankle?), and is continuing on as a 2-person unofficial team.

Limited Updates
10/03 5:05 PM
The second portion of the race is in very remote areas with limited to no cell coverage. Unfortunately, that will make race coverage sparse. We will do our best to report what we can. Don't forget to check Team Tracking to keep an eye on your team. Follow us on Facebook for updates as well.

Race Overview
10/03 4:57 PM
  1. Run up mountain to whitewater course
  2. Whitewater Boogie Boarding
  3. Run down mountain to jump on mountain bikes and back to the top of the mountain (King of the Mountain Competition)
  4. Mountain Bike to several CPs
  5. Drop bikes in TA1, run 1 mile to canoe start
  6. Canoe to several CPs and drop canoes at TA2
  7. Orienteering section in Deep Creek State Park(O Team Competition)
  8. Paddle to canoe finish
  9. Run from canoe finish back to TA1
  10. Bike long mountain bike section with many CPs
  11. Drop bikes at TA3 for Savage River Score O
  12. Back on bikes to TA1 with more checkpoints along the way
  13. Final orienteering section
All checkpoints, except for Whitewater Boogie Board are not required. Teams will be ranked by number of points obtained and shortest time.

Savage River
10/03 4:53 PM
Once teams complete the paddle, they will journey on a long bike-leg to obtain many CPs. Eventually teams will arrive at TA3 for the Savage River Score O. During the Savage River Score O, the CPs have different point values. Teams can acquire a maximum of 100 points for the section, which amounts to 10 CPs. Teams may choose to gather less than 100 points. Savage River is an appropriate name, as this will be tough navigating with lots of elevation changes possibly in the rain & dark.

Teams off the canoe and on to bikes
10/03 4:40 PM
Teams that have checked in at CP16 and are now out on the bike: #5 Alpine Shop
#8 Checkpoint Zero
#26 Odyssey Adventure Racing 2
#27 Only MOSTLY Lost
#34 Team Lone Star
#35 Team HalfwayThere/Spokes, Etc.
#37 Team Lupine Racing USA
#43 O.L.D.S.A.G. (OneLastDitchShotAtGlory)
#52 DNR
Most of these teams have skipped a few paddle or orienteering points, like 8 & 9. Teams that are attempting to clear the course (all CPs) are not yet finished on the water.

Storm makes for tougher canoeing
10/03 4:38 PM
The storm coming in produced tough headwinds for the first half of the canoe, but teams that were finishing the second half the canoe had winds to their back. The storm is producing a little rain, with temperatures in the 60s. Thankfully the cold weather isn't expected to hit McHenry until after the race. There is a possibility of snow flurries!

Let the rain begin. . . .
10/03 2:15 PM
The leading edge of the cold front coming through has just hit. Only light sprinkles right now, but it looks like teams are going to be hammered with rain over the next few hours, maybe tapering off just before dark. Expect a cold night. . .

Course updates
10/03 1:47 PM
Teams had an opportunity early on to make a strategic decision as to whether to go after two outlying paddle CPs, number 8 & 9. They had the option to go get those CPs later, after doing the O-Course at Deep Creek State Park. This is why on Pinnacle Tracking you'll see some teams at the state park and others on the south end of the lake. Teams were warned that the paddle out to CPs 8 and 9 was very "time intensive" and so only teams vying for a top spot should be eyeing those CPs. We can see from the tracker that the following teams headed down to CPs 8 and 9 early, perhaps wanting to get that part of the paddle out of the way before the hard weather and strong winds set in. These teams are on the south end of the lake right now: 20, Michigan Racing Addicts; 33, Team American Adventure Sports/AAS; 29, Quest AR Team; 31, Rev3/Mt Khakis; 39, Untamed/MadAthlete.com; 1, Team Tecnu; 44, Odyssey Adventure Racing (Master); 45,Rev3/MK (Master); 9, Dart-NUUN; 7, Bushwhacker

Pinnacle Tracking
10/03 1:35 PM
To follow your favorite teams, click on Team Tracking under Race HQ and then select the teams you want to follow from the sidebar on the left. Click on an individual team's icon to see their last location. Click the plus sign on "History" to see their track. The pennants are CP locations.

King of the Mountain
10/03 1:29 PM
The winners of the King of the Mountain award will be announced once those splits have been calculated. However, we can tell you that the team in first place at the end of the KOM leg was Dart-NUUN, with Tecnu three minutes behind them. Reports are that Tecnu had caught back up and was several minutes ahead of Dart-NUUN part way through the paddle.

Stories from the whitewater course
10/03 1:24 PM
Racers will be talking about the whitewater boogie-boarding leg for a while to come yet. It was an adrenaline-pumping, physically grueling start to the course. A couple of racers attempted the course but weren't able to overcome the strong eddy line at the start of the race to get themselves into the main current and onto the course. One persistent racer went round and round the eddy pool several times before a rescue swimmer was sent out to assist her back out of the pool. Eric Olson from Team Adventure Capitalists/BDAR ended up swimming the course three times - way to take one for the team, Eric!

And they're off!
10/03 11:20 AM
The race started under sunny skies with teams racing to the top of the mountain and then jumping in the whitewater at ASCI. The whitewater boogie boarding was an adrenaline pumping, physically challenging start to the race. We'll be posting a load of videos and photos shortly, but here are some quotes from the course: "That was the hardest thing I've ever done in an adventure race." "Awesome." "That was crazy." The ride down was a rush and the swim back in at the finish was a chore. Defending champs Tecnu were the first to the top of the mountain and first in the water. They were neck and neck with American Adventure Sports starting on the third lap. Many teams opted to have one team member do two laps, and some brave souls took all three laps!! Team Dart Nuun was in first place coming off the King of the Mountain, just three minutes ahead of Tecnu. It's a race!!

Briefed and ready
10/02 9:49 PM
Racers learned at the pre-race briefing that they would start the race from Wisp Resort with a run up the mountain to the ASCI whitewater boogie boarding course, which team members must complete relay style (or opt for an alternate run route that would take considerably longer), collecting 1 poker chip for each completed loop. They'll then run back down the mountain and turn in their 3 poker chips for the first CP, which is also the only mandatory CP on the course. Racers will then hop on their bikes and race to the top of the mountain. The fastest team back to the top on their bikes will be declared the Koobi King of the Mountain, and receive Koobi bike saddles (one for each racer on the team). Teams will go on to complete a relatively short bike leg before returning to the TA at Wisp Resort, where they'll drop biked and pick up paddle gear. They'll run with their paddle gear to the put in on Deep Creek Lake, and then set off for some paddling and orienteering before returning to their bikes and setting off for more remote orienteering courses. While teams have a general idea of the flow of the different disciplines, they will not get maps, course instructions, and UTM coordinates for the checkpoints until 6 a.m. in the morning, with the race starting at 8 a.m. Racers will have until 2 p.m. Saturday to complete the course, and the Race Director, Brian Holzhausen of DINO, advised racers he didn't expect many teams to clear this physically grueling course. The elevation in the Deep Creek region is going to take a toll on a lot of racers, but the scenery will make up for it. If the weather will hold a bit, racers are in for some beautiful scenery. The leaves are turning and the mountains are beautiful.

Ready, steady. . . .
10/01 9:24 PM
Checkpoints are all set, swag bags are stuffed, we're ready for racers!! With 60 teams from 28 different states, the field is going to be super competitive. Now if the rain will just hold off. . . .
1Tecnu Adventure RacingCA C
2Wonderful Adventure Racers!MI C
3Adventure Addicts RacingVA C
4Adventure Capitalists/BDARIL C
5Alpine ShopMO C
7BushwhackerIL C
8Checkpoint ZeroNC C
9Dart Nuun CA C
10Dinoseries.comIN C
11Fish Out Of WaterMI C
12Florida XtremeFL C
17Hombres De MaizFL C
18Massey's Professional OutfittersMS C
19Medicus WRXWI C
20Michigan Racing Addicts MI C
21Michigan Racing Addicts IIMI C
26Odyssey Adventure Racing 2VA C
27Only MOSTLY LostOH C
28Pain SyndicateCT C
29Quest Adventure Race TeamWA C
31Rev3/Mountain Khakis FL C
32Strong MachineWI C
33Team American Adventure Sports/AASVA C
34Team Lone StarTX C
35Team HalfwayThere/Spokes, Etc.VA C
36Team HalfwayThereDCDC C
37Team Lupine Racing USACO C
38Topo Adventure SportsOH C
39Untamed/MadAthlete.comNY C
40The Adventure Sports Institute at Garrett CollegeMD Col
41A-List/Too Many KidsVA M
42NYARA MastersNY M
43O.L.D.S.A.G. (OneLastDitchShotAtGlory)PA M
44Odyssey Adventure Racing VA M
45Rev 3/MK (Masters)CT M
46Layer 3GA M
47404 RacingSC O
48Appalachian Bear AttackKY O
49Blue Sky Adventure Racing TeamGA O
51Brothers GrimeMS O
53Goose Adventure RacingNY O
56Padres ErrantesSC O
57Purple CobrasNY O
58Richmond ASR: Raging BurritosVA O
59Shake N'BakeKS O
60Summit Adventure Racing/Team Commie BARMD O
61Team BrightByteGA O
62Team Gung HoPA O
63VaporizersLA O
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