Race Updates

TECNU Adventure Racing Dominates
10/12 9:37 AM

Tecnu Adventure Racing dominated this years USARA Adventure Race National Championship. Tecnu won the National Championship as well as the "O Team" for the fastest orienteering section and the "Blazing Paddles "for the fastest paddle section. Tecnu proved they were deserving of the national champion title by winning the race as well as 2 of 3 sub awards in the USARA Adventure Race National championship.

Congratulations Tecnu for a fantastic race!


Banquet & Awards at 7pm
10/05 2:09 PM
We are looking forward to hearing some great race stories at the banquet this evening. Tori Murden McClure will be speaking this evening - you don't want to miss it. We will crown the 2013 National Championships!

All Teams In!
10/05 1:54 PM
All teams have crossed the finish line before time expires. Great job to all of the teams & persevering through the course. Now get a hot shower and a little bit of rest.

Team Spry crosses the finish line!
10/05 1:51 PM
Lots of smiles and glad to be done.

Train Chicago Studios
10/05 1:03 PM
Decide to head out on the trek to bag a point or two with the last hour and a half of racing left.

New River Patriots cross the finish line!
10/05 1:02 PM

Wild Hares checks in
10/05 1:01 PM
And make for a tight race to the finish line

Goals ARA & Goals ARA 2 come in
10/05 12:59 PM
Within minutes of each other

Manny's Oceanside
10/05 12:34 PM
After a speedy TA off the bike, they're heading out on foot to grab as many o-points as possible.

BDAR/Adventure Capitalists & BDAR Midwest out on last trekking leg
10/05 12:31 PM

More bikers in
10/05 12:30 PM
Train Chicago Studio and 361 Adventure in on the bike and happily calling it a day.

Team Commie Bar
10/05 12:21 PM
Has come blazing into TA with lots of energy, headed out immediately on the o course.

No Principal Left Behind
10/05 12:04 PM
In from the bike!

Jerk store
10/05 12:02 PM
Sprinted across the finish line in fine style!

Bikers in
10/05 11:53 AM
Wild Hares, RU?, Rev3, BDAR, and Pangea are in on the bike. At least a couple groups are going out on the o-course.

My Topo
10/05 11:47 AM
Is done!

Halfway There, No Rest for the Lost
10/05 11:45 AM
Both in and happily finished!

10/05 11:44 AM
In on the bikes, looks like they're contemplating going back out on foot.

Michigan racing addicts
10/05 10:49 AM
In for the finish!

Team Odyssey
10/05 10:46 AM
In for the finish!

Check out pictures of the race on our Facebook page
10/05 10:45 AM
Search for USARA as friends

No Surrender
10/05 10:19 AM
No surrender is in on bike and calling it a day.

Rib Mountain Racing
10/05 10:16 AM
In for a twelfth place finish!

Team TOPO out on last o-course
10/05 10:06 AM

Both WEDALI teams have finished about 6 mins apart
10/05 9:59 AM

Team 24 out on last o-course
10/05 9:58 AM

Team 2 and 34 leaving TA 3
10/05 9:57 AM

NYARA, rev3 Midwest
10/05 9:47 AM
Both into TA. They seemed to have made up some time on the last section and are pushing to get out on foot for the final o.

Checkpoint Zero
10/05 9:39 AM
Checkpoint Zero teams are into the finish in 9th and 10th place.

GOALS ARA have punched their passport at the firetower
10/05 9:28 AM

New River Patriots, they are out on the last leg
10/05 9:28 AM

Team 3 comes in to TA4
10/05 9:18 AM
Feeling outstanding! Heading out on last o-course

GOALS ARA, Off the Front
10/05 9:09 AM
Both into TA, getting set to go out for the final o. GOALS is hoping that with the light, they may still have a chance to clear it.

Team Lupine Racing
10/05 9:06 AM
Headed out on last o-course. So happy, that teammate tap danced

Ten teams have crossed the finish
10/05 8:30 AM
The following teams have cleared the course, in order Tecnu Dart Untamed Untamed SOG Bushwhackers Alpine shop Energy-Vault and Texas A&M have also finished, but didn't clear the course.

Team Halfway There
10/05 8:26 AM
Headed out on last o-course

10/05 8:26 AM
The team had to pull off overnight. Susan was sick at the top but everyone is doing well and sleeping soundly.

Team Energy-Vault checks in
10/05 5:47 AM
They've opted not to go out on last trekking leg. "We're FINISHED!" All smiles.

Team Dart / NUUN crosses the finish line!
10/05 5:45 AM
Unofficially second place in the 2013 USARA Adventure Race National Championship, Dart / NUUN crossed the finish line in 21 hours 25 minutes. Great work on a tough course!

Texas A & M checks in
10/05 5:15 AM
At the last TA. Our college boys are definitely in good spirits, cracking jokes about the crazy on-off rain and on-off waterproof clothing. Hot and sweaty or cold and rainy? Those are your options, folks.

New River Patriots sighting
10/05 5:00 AM
The marines have been reported in at TA 3, off the bike and onto the orienteering leg at Yellowwood.

Weather Update
10/05 4:54 AM
A brief but heavy rain just before 5 a.m. Saturday morning could well dampen team spirits and slow them down on the course. Fortunately, the radar informs us the heaviest of the rain has passed and teams should enjoy dry conditions again soon. Friday afternoon and evening were just beautiful. The sun setting over Lake Lemon was delightful, and the stars were spectacular.

Current Standings
10/05 3:42 AM
TECNU (Finished), Dart Nuun, Untamed-Coyote and Untamed-Moose, TeamSOG, Odyssey AR, Alpine Shop, and Bushwhackers

Team Bushwhacker about to set off on last trek
10/05 3:37 AM
19:33 in to last TA at Abe Martin Lodge. Team is refilling some water and about to head out. A light rain has just started to fall, so they'll spend a smart extra minute or two to make sure map is dry and secure. Oh, wait. Just stopped raining.

Team Tecnu first across the finish line!
10/05 3:27 AM
Team Tecnu is the first team across the finish line at the 2013 Tecnu / Darn Tough USARA Adventure Race National Championship, in a time of 19 hours, 20 minutes. Asked for a few words, Kyle Peters offered: "Thanks for all the support. Apparently, fourth time is a charm." The team is spent. Ready for showers and some sleepy time. Very nice, Tecnu.

Checkpoint Zero and Team Checkpoint Zero
10/05 3:24 AM
Team Checkpoint Zero and Checkpoint Zero have both left TA3 and are heading back to the lodge.

Rib Mountain Racing Update
10/05 3:14 AM
Rib Mountain Racing just lest TA3.

On the final leg
10/05 3:03 AM
In order of appearance at Abe Martin Lodge before heading out on final trek: Tecnu, Dart Nuun, Untamed Moose, Untamed Coyote, TeamSOG, Odyssey Masters, Alpine Shop. Tecnu with a commanding lead going in is expected off the course any moment. The subtle terrain features and darkness are certainly adding to the challenge of the last O-course.

Odyssey Masters & Alpine Shop
10/05 3:00 AM
Both teams into last TA at Abe Martin Lodge, heading out on foot for last trekking leg. Mark Lattanzi reported they were slowing down, but Sara Dallman looked fresh as a daisy. Maybe she can tow him.

WEDAL 1 Update
10/05 2:52 AM
WEDALI 1 has started their way back to the lodge.

Dart Nuun
10/05 1:47 AM
Dart Nuun just arrived at the lodge, preparing for their next segment.

10/05 1:40 AM
Team Bushwackers left the o-course at 1:25am and have begun their trip back to the lodge.

10/05 1:36 AM
Into transition and moving well. Everyone is in good spirits.

Alpine Shop
10/05 1:16 AM
Off the o-course and back on their bikes, headed to the lodge for the final o.

More teams off the o-course
10/05 12:49 AM
Dart left the o-course at yellowwood at 11:46. The Untamed teams were close behind at 12:14 AM, with SOG and Odyssey masters heading out at 12:29. Alpine Shop, Bushwhackers, and WEDALI are out on the course, and Odyssey and Rib Mountain Racing about to set off.

Final stretch
10/05 12:38 AM
Tecnu is back through Abe Martin Lodge and off on the final foot section with a projected 2+ hour lead over Dart.

10/05 12:36 AM
Quick transition, now off to find water near TA3.

10/05 12:22 AM
Into TA, reports losing time at CP15.

GOALS 2, Jerk Store
10/05 12:17 AM
GOALS 2 into transition. The team reports clean nav and steady progress on the trek. They're looking forward to getting back on bike. Jerk Store also into TA. No words of wisdom to share.

No Principal Left Behind is the last team that still has not checked in at TA2, the end of the paddling section
10/05 12:04 AM

Team Commie Bar
10/05 12:00 AM
Team Commie Bar leaves TA2 at midnight to start o-course.

Checkpoint Zero
10/04 11:56 PM
Both teams into TA, getting ready to head out on bike.

Last team has arrived at TA1, New River Patriots
10/04 11:41 PM
They are being advised to forgo the paddling section and proceed on foot

More teams arriving at TA
10/04 11:41 PM
Team Odyssey and Michigan Adventure Addicts just arrived at TA. Many teams reporting that they're low on water. Working on solutions now.

Team Spry
10/04 11:40 PM
Team Spry gets into TA2 at 11:40pm

Team Tecnu
10/04 11:36 PM
Team TECNU left TA4 at 9:15.

Team HD
10/04 11:35 PM
Team HD has rocked the trek and just came into TA in 11th place. They're low on water and battery life but very excited for the pizza that's awaiting them on their bikes.

Rib Mountain Racing
10/04 11:27 PM
Just checked to TA. They believe they passed 8 teams on the trek and are in great spirits heading onto the bike.

Limited Skills Partnership continue on foot, skip the paddling section
10/04 11:23 PM

Update from the O Course
10/04 11:19 PM
SOG, Alpine Shop, and Odyssey Masters just headed out on the o-course. Dart and the Untamed teams are making their way on the course, and Tecnu is already back in and biking back to the lodge for the final o. Rumor has it that if they maintain their pace, they're estimated to finish around 2:00 AM.

Spare tires, team number 14, have dropped out before reaching the lake
10/04 11:16 PM

50 teams have checked in at paddling take out
10/04 11:05 PM
3 teams have dropped out and 2 are still missing

Team Boom Boom Pow showed up at the take out on foot, no boats
10/04 11:04 PM
No information on what happened to their boats!

More teams leave TA2
10/04 11:03 PM
Texas A&M leaves at 11:03 and Team 4 leaves at 11:15

Team 52 & 53 arrive at TA2
10/04 11:02 PM

Kiss My Compass
10/04 11:00 PM
11pm-left TA 2 and are in good spirits.

Two more teams through TA
10/04 10:57 PM
Bushwhacker and WEDALI have picked up their bikes, back out to Yellowwood Forest for an orienteering section.

CP10 Updates
10/04 10:56 PM
The Travelling Hillbillys and the Chicago Train teams are both on their way to CP10. There have been some issues with getting cold, but those have been fixed and everyone is pushing forward.

Current Top Seven Teams
10/04 10:17 PM
The first 7 teams to pass through TA1 and their times. (hhours:mminutes) 1) TECNU Adventure Racing (19:37) 2) Dart Nuun Feed the Machine (20:56) 3) Untamed/Mad Athlete.com-Coyote (21:23) 4) Untamed/Mad Athlete.com-Moose (21:23) 5) Odyssey Adventure Racing Masters (21:57) 6) Alpine Shop (21:58) 7) Team SOG (21:59)

No Principal Left Behind are getting to CP9 and they are giving a shout to their families
10/04 10:04 PM
They are having a great time!

Team Spry is close behind the Traveling Hillbillies at CP9
10/04 9:45 PM

There's lighting over the lake which is lighting up the night sky
10/04 9:45 PM

traveling Hillbillies are close to CP9
10/04 9:44 PM

Two teams skip the canoe section
10/04 9:17 PM
Last two teams through TA1 decided to skip the canoe section and do the hike section.

One team still missing from TA1
10/04 9:16 PM

From TA3
10/04 9:15 PM
Team TECNU at TA3 around 8.55pm, team Dark Nuun approximately 50mins.

Locals are inquiring about what is happening on the lake
10/04 9:11 PM
Local folks have been inquiring about what is happening around the tunnel and soon enough have invited volunteers Stephanie and Ben to have some food

Teams going thorugh the tu nnel on the water
10/04 9:09 PM
The tunnel to CP9 is tricky work; it's on the water and it needs some yoga position from the team members to negotiate. We have seen different approaches to the problem solving, leanback and leanforward are the favorites.

Checkpoint 9
10/04 9:08 PM
Team dinoseries  followed by Kiss my compass just went through CP9
Essential racing went through the tunnel, and commented "we are not having a great race but we are having a great time"!

Wonder Woman, Part II
10/04 7:39 PM
As of 6:00 pm, Hilary of Team Michigan Adventure Addicts was the lone woman to gather the orienteering checkpoints, while her teammates contended with the canoe and the raft. Nice work, Hilary!

TECNU Update
10/04 7:23 PM
TECNU is just a couple miles from returning to pick up their bikes.

2 more teams came through TA1
10/04 7:20 PM
Teams 42 and 39 came through. One more team to go!

Check the race photos on our Facebook page!
10/04 7:18 PM
Don't forget to check race photos on our Facebook page, usadventureracing, https://www.facebook.com/racer.joe.3/photos

Order of the next batch of teams in on canoe
10/04 5:36 PM
Team HD Rev3 Midwest GOALS 2 GOALS 1 Rev3

10/04 5:32 PM
WEDALI 2, Rib Mountain Racing transitioning to raft/orienteering.

TA 1 updates
10/04 5:24 PM
49 teams have made it through TA1. Still waiting on the final 5.

CP Zero, Michigan Adventure Addicts, Nspire
10/04 5:22 PM
CP Zero teams and Michigan Adventure Addicts in with their canoes. Nspire just a couple minutes behind.

Teams piling in
10/04 5:06 PM
Odyssey Masters is heading out on foot as alpine shop, MOAT, and SOG come in off the raft. Busy early evening at TA2.

Odyssey, Bushwhacker
10/04 4:46 PM
Shane, Charlie, and Jen of odyssey are pumping up a raft and getting set to head back on the water. Bushwhacker is transitioning as well. Sage wisdom from Mike of Bushwhacker: "paddling boats is faster than dragging them."

MOAT, Alpine Shop, AND SOG
10/04 4:38 PM
Just in on canoe, getting instructions for the transition. Emily on Alpine Shop says, "We think we're in the top ten and we're very, very stoked about it." SOG is in the running for fastest transition. Brian's heading out on for while Dan and Kristin man the boats.

Coming up from behind
10/04 4:32 PM
After a rough mechanical start, WEDALI is blazing back. They just came in on canoe, minutes behind the fifth place Odyssey. Untamed arrived by raft second later and are now awaiting the return of their navigators.

Kiss My Compass Update
10/04 4:32 PM
Kiss My Compass just came through TA1, they want to shout out to "our awesome families and friends and we're still alive and kicking!"

Odyssey Masters
10/04 4:27 PM
Just came in on canoe, currently in 5th with the other Odyssey team not far behind. Mark is heading off on foot while Sarah and Ronnie head back across the lake.

Going strong
10/04 4:06 PM
Dart is back with their raft, just waiting on the orienteerer so they can set off on the 14-mile trek. Mary reports, "going strong and feeling good."

The Moose and the Coyote
10/04 4:04 PM
Both Untamed teams have come into TA2, getting organized and ready to head out on raft, canoe, and foot.

Out in front
10/04 3:49 PM
Kyle and Karen of Tecnu are pulling off the water in their raft at TA2, now awaiting Bob, who's out on the short orienteering leg. Says Kyle, "nothing like an hour and a half of good old-fashioned combat paddling." Dart came through a few minutes ago to drop off their navigator and pick up their raft. Tecnu went across and back in less than 30 minutes, so we expect something similar from Dart. They dropped their canoe at 3:55 pm.

A TA2 primer
10/04 3:31 PM
At TA2, teams have the opportunity to split up, with one member heading out for a foot-o and the other two taking a raft and a canoe back across the lake, where they'll drop the canoe and come back on the raft to regroup. So far, Tecnu is the only team that's passed through TA 2, but Dart is currently en route. Tecnu has now pulled their canoe onto dry land and readying to turn back across the lake.

Teams at CP8 on the Lake and TA2
10/04 3:20 PM
Teams Untamed 1 and 2, with Odyssey Masters right behind them just left check point 8 on the lake section. The lake is very calm and flat at this time. At TA2, team TECNU are working hard at completing their assignments.

No rest for the weary
10/04 2:49 PM
The caboose is in sight. Teams won't be getting a break after all.

Choo choo
10/04 2:47 PM
Any teams not yet at TA1 may get a bit of an unexpected break. A slow-moving freight train is crossing the road, separating bikers from their long-awaited boats.

Halfway There
10/04 2:44 PM
After some struggles for CP 4 and 5, halfway there is into TA and in good spirits.

Texas A&M
10/04 2:40 PM
Through the TA and having a blast.

Five more in
10/04 2:29 PM
Off the Front struggled with CP 5 after a stellar mountain bike ride. They just pulled into TA, right before BDAR's two teams, My Topo, and No Sleep.

Current Standings
10/04 2:28 PM
The current standings are: Dart Nuun Feed the Machine, TECNU Adventure Racing, Untamed/Mad Athlete.com-Coyote, Untamed/Mad Athlete.com-Moose, MOAT, GearJunkie/WEDALI 1, Team SOG, Odyssey Adventure Racing Masters, Odyssey Adventure Racing Alpine Shop, Team Halfway.com/Spokes, Etc., ENERGY-Vault.com

Does a body good
10/04 2:25 PM
Pangea just pulled into TA, chugging milk as they dropped their bikes and prepped for the paddle.

The calm (in the middle of) the storm
10/04 2:22 PM
A bit of a lull at TA 1. We've had 29 teams come through, waiting on another 26 to pick up their boats.

Teams on the water
10/04 2:07 PM
Currently there are 28 teams on the water, great going!

Team 361
10/04 2:02 PM
This three-male team is into TA with little to report other than that there's plenty of fun to be had out on the course. Hopefully they're still smiling following the portage.

10/04 1:57 PM
NYARA is moving along, heading out for the panel with the sun high overhead. They report that they're not taking the fastest routes possible, but they're having fun and making steady progress.

Only Mostly lost
10/04 1:55 PM
Gary from Only Mostly Lost is wishing he were at swim practice with his kids. But, the team says, Indiana rocks!

The "paddle"
10/04 1:47 PM
Following a dry summer, the tributary leading teams from TA1 to Lake Lemon is nearly empty. Teams can look forward to a three-mile portage before the true paddle begins. They'll travel 9 miles around the lake by canoe and then trade in their boats for rafts for short trip across the lake. Then it's onto a 14 mile trek back to TA 1 to pick up their bikes again.

The hills are alive...
10/04 1:45 PM
Trish of Team Wild Hares says, "it's hilly here!" The Nebraska native and her teammates just came through TA ANC are setting off on the water.

Manny's Oceanside...
10/04 1:36 PM
...just into TA and getting naked. They're looking good and feeling good... But thinking that they may prefer bikes to the upcoming three-mile portage.

Gear check
10/04 1:20 PM
Before getting on the water, teams are required to show space blankets, whistle, and strobe. So far, everyone has made it through without penalty.

Rev3 Midwest
10/04 1:18 PM
just pulled into TA. They're not enjoying the heat and looking forward to being off the bikes for a little while.

10/04 1:16 PM
GOALS 1 and 2 are transitioning to paddle now. GOALS 1 had a nav blunder that cost them 20-30 minutes, but they think they're making up ground now. like everyone else, they're singing the praises of the single track.

CP zero
10/04 1:15 PM
JP says hi to Sebastian and Jen!

10/04 1:10 PM
18 teams currently through TA 1. CP zero teams and GOALS 2 rolling in now.

Paddle section
10/04 1:07 PM
Dark Nuun is the first team out of the paddling section. Teams continue to come in off the paddling section.

Teams streaming in
10/04 11:59 AM
No Sleep, GOALS 2, Rev3, Rev3 Midwest, CP zero and CP zero Masters, GOALS, Pangea, and DNR are the next teams into cp 4. Sounds like there's been some tricky nav and route choices keeping things interesting. Team No Sleep has a message for Luka: Dad says hi! DNR looks to be in great spirits. They say, "so far, so good."

TA 1 Arrivals
10/04 11:55 AM
Team Dart Nuun Feed the Machine is the first to arrive at TA 1. Team TECNU Adventure Racing is about 5 minutes behind Dart Nuun.

CP order
10/04 11:43 AM
Bushwhacker, Nspire, BDAR, HD, and WEDALI 2 just came in for CP4. Teams are getting these couple points in different orders, so the leaderboard is anyone's guess. Ben Smith of BDAR reports that he's gotten better looking since the start of the race. Team HD had a broken chain, but they're fixed up and moving well now.

Rain Rain
10/04 11:35 AM
The mountain bike course got some rain on it, causing the trails to become slippery. Teams seem to be doing well despite the weather.

Crooked Creek Lake
10/04 11:33 AM
Alpine shop, both Odyssey teams, and SOG are searching for CP4, right on the edge of Crooked Creek Lake, and the fisherman seem a little bit shell shocked by the activity.

WEDALI update
10/04 11:25 AM
WEDALI 1 just came in for cp4. They seem to be making up ground after early mechanical issues. Justin reports, "we're killing it." He also says hi to Molly and Bonnie!

MOAT's Rockstar
10/04 11:12 AM
MOAT is singing the praises of Wonder Woman Melissa, who's fighting through some rough spells and continuing to crush the bike. She says she's on the mend and ready to rock.

Teams converging on CP4...
10/04 11:08 AM
...from three different directions. We've got Michigan Racing Addicts and both Untamed crews searching for 4 and MOAT is coming out from the punch. Jason from Untamed reports fantastic single track. Molly says, "the bees, not so much."

Rib mountain racing
10/04 11:05 AM
Heading to CP4 right now, have cleared the course to this pooint. Anna said the single track was better than six flags!

DART through CP4
10/04 11:00 AM
Just passed Dart coming out of CP4 on bike. They said Tecnu and MOAT have been all around them. Not sure whether who is in the lead at this point. We'll find out at TA1 in another 25k!

Kindness of Strangers
10/04 10:10 AM
Team Gear Junkie Wedali came through CP 1 about 5 minutes ago. Amy broke hersaddle on trail. Fortunately a rider - Joel Nice was willing to give up his saddle. They have some ground to make up now.

10/04 10:00 AM
All smiles coming through CP1. Bruce: "Smooth trails, smooth riding." Everyone is feeling good!

No Principal Left Behind
10/04 9:59 AM
Through CP1, says "awesome trails, awesome views, great start."

10/04 9:57 AM
WEDALI 2 coming through CP1, reports that WEDALI 1 has a broken derailleur, making their way up the trail now. Sounds like they shouldn't be too far behind.

10/04 9:56 AM
Through CP1, reporting "no news is good news."

10/04 9:54 AM
Reporting 'minor issues' on first bike leg as looked strong coming into CP1. Headed out for 40 more kilometers of ride, mostly dirt and gravel roads.

Teams rolling into CP1
10/04 9:54 AM
Alpine shop GOALS Rev3 Wild Hares CP Zero Bushwhacker Rev3 Midwest Nspire Rib Mountain Racing Michigan Racing Addicts Off the Front Halfway There

10/04 9:47 AM
Stopping to change a flat at cp1. Everyone seems in good spirits.

Single track update.
10/04 9:38 AM
Still waiting on 11 teams to collect the third poker chip.

More teams through CP1
10/04 9:35 AM
Both Odyssey and Untamed teams are through CP1.

Tecnu, SOG
10/04 9:32 AM
Close behind. Kristin has a big smile on her face, as always.

10/04 9:30 AM
Second team into CP1, just a couple minutes behind the leaders.

First team to CP1
10/04 9:28 AM
DART is first team to CP 1, with all three poker chips collected.

Crowded trails
10/04 9:21 AM
Teams coming through too fast to track. We've got confirmation on CP Zero, Bushwhacker, Nspire, No Principal Left Behind. Still waiting for first teams to CP1.

WEDALI, Wild Hares
10/04 9:15 AM
Spotted on the trail and are through the third poker chip.

GOALS, Rev3...
10/04 9:14 AM
...are close behind.

Alpine Shop
10/04 9:12 AM
Carrie is out on the single track and reports that Alpine Shop is flying through the trails. ETA to CP1: 15 minutes.

More teams coming through single track.
10/04 9:07 AM
SOG, Tecnu, Odyssey, Odyssey masters through the poker chips. Estimated 15 minutes to CP1.

Leaders pushing the pace on bike.
10/04 9:05 AM
DART and one other team first to get all three poker chips on the bike. Will confirm who the mystery team is when they come through CP1.

To the single track.
10/04 8:18 AM
All teams are through the first transition and heading out for fifteen miles of twisty, turny single track, where they'll collect 3 poker chips en route to the first CP. From CP1, they've got roughly 40 kilometers to the paddle TA.

Prologue Done
10/04 8:16 AM
Team Kiss My Compass heading out on bike, says hi to the family and thanks for the support. "It's only just begun!"

On the bike...
10/04 8:13 AM
Roughly in this order... Moat SOG Dart Technical Odyssey Odyssey masters Untamed Alpine Shop WEDALI Rev3 Goals Wild Hares CP zero

And they're off!
10/04 8:01 AM
The gun sounded right at 8 and teams left for a one-mile run separator. Big pack at the front with MOAT, SOG, odyssey, untamed leading the charge to the bikes.

Teams ready, checkpoints all mapped
10/04 7:26 AM
We are 20m inutes from the start time, teams are scrambling to double check coordinates and maps. You can feel the excitement and also a bit of tension in the air.

Maps are out
10/04 6:13 AM
Teams received their maps at 6:00 AM this morning. Everyone is plotting and planning. Less than two hours to go time.

Pre-race meeting at Brown County State Park
10/03 7:59 PM
We are just finishing the pre-race meeting. Teams are asking plenty of questions making sure they are not missing any details. There is a stiff penalties for punching the checkpoints in the wrong order but teams are aware of it and you can bet they will be very careful when punching in.
Good prerace briefing with talks by Troy Farrar, Bryan Holtzhauer and Patrick Harper. We are all set to start plotting our points at 6am!

Hot and humid in Brown County!
10/03 2:17 PM
Race day weather looks hot and humid. Temperatures start in the mid 60s in the morning and will go up to the low 80s by mid-day with low chance of precipitation of 10% but wait....the 90%+ humidity will make up for that! Ouch!

Competitive field
10/03 1:21 PM
We have a field of 55 racers toeing the line for this year's race, including 15 of the top 20 nationally ranked teams! Should be a super competitive, fun race to watch. Check here for regular updates from the field!

Countdown to the 2013 USARA Adventure Race National Championship
10/03 12:28 PM
The Tribe is ready for racers! Race HQ is teeming with energy; swag bags are brimming with awesome product from our sponsors; video is rolling with fun footage from past events; and cameras are at the ready to capture all the excitement. Check back here often for race updates, photos and video. We'll also be posting updates to Facebook, so you can follow all the action throughout the race!
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