Race Updates

Preliminary Results
10/03 3:28 PM
Preliminary Results have been posted. Teams should check for accuracy and report any discrepancies to Race Director Stephanie Ross right away. There were 40 CPs possible on the course. E-mail: flyingsquirreladventures@gmail.com

Tecnu wins
10/03 12:36 AM
Team Tecnu is in, clearing the course in 16 hours and 22 minutes. Way to go guys!

Last leg
10/02 7:31 PM
Team Tecnu just punched TA6 and are out on their final orienteering leg.

One team still in the woods
10/02 5:58 PM
Team The Hallway or No way is the last group to be out on the first trekking leg. Trample the Weak, Hurdle the dead just got back and reports having seen them.

Almost done with the O-leg
10/02 4:45 PM
54 teams have completed the orienteering leg at TA4. This leaves only a handful who are still getting the early trekking CPs.

Tecnu rides strong
10/02 4:31 PM
Tecnu is moments away from wrapping up their long bike leg, about to hit TA5 and then more paddling. Looks like they're the ones to beat.

Another team comes in
10/02 4:20 PM
We will survive/Fragile Flowers calls it a day. Barbara is taking it in stride, but is also not so happy about how her back is feeling.

The field spreads out
10/02 3:50 PM
41 teams have finished the first trekking portion, and one has dropped out. This leaves slightly more than a dozen teams still out in the woods, searching for CPs 3-7.

Top teams move through the offroad park
10/02 3:47 PM
Tecnu, AAS, and GOALS ARA all pass east to west over the road that divides the offroad park. Time of day for the crossings: 2:53, 2:57, and 3:09, respectively.

Rough day
10/02 3:27 PM
Team AC-BDAR calls it a day and comes in early. Some days, things just don't go your way.

10/02 2:16 PM
Nearly at the firetower, Jason of team Lupine found a rock with his knee. The gash was deep enough to prompt the team to stop for some first aid, but they kept moving and will see the paramedic when they're off the O-course. Good spirits as always!

Out of the woods
10/02 2:00 PM
The lead teams are done with the first trekking leg, and back onto their bikes, entering the off-road ATV park. Several teams have taken different routes to get there.

10/02 1:02 PM
Be sure to check out USARA's Facebook page for additional photos throughout the day.

First bike leg. . . done
10/02 1:00 PM
All teams have left TA3 as of 12:26 PM. King of the Mountain competition is over.

All teams out of the water. . .for now
10/02 12:03 PM
The last team has left the Cumberland River and TA2. An unfortunate delay for Sufferfest NW, as they had to go back for a dropped passport.

Top ten so far
10/02 11:20 AM
From the team trackers: 1. Tecnu 2. AAS 3. Team Kuat 4. Wedali 5. TOC-Rock Creek 6. Rev3 7. Unplugged 8. Dinoseries.com 9. No Boundaries Media 10. Odyssey Main Nerve

AAS and Tecnu still neck and neck
10/02 11:12 AM
Both Tecnu and AAS just left TA4, and are now out on some trekking CPs.

10/02 10:57 AM
Both Odyssey teams leave TA3 within a minute of each other.

Tecnu close behind
10/02 10:57 AM
Tecnu leaves TA3 two minutes behind AAS

AAS out of TA3
10/02 10:55 AM
First group out of TA3 -- American Adventure Sport

TA1 -- one for the history books
10/02 10:07 AM
All teams have cleared TA1

WEDALI, a strong 3rd place out of TA1
10/02 10:05 AM
AAS, Tecnu, and WEDALI all leave TA1 neck and neck.

Tecnu leads at TA1?
10/02 10:01 AM
First team in to TA1 is Tecnu, followed 10 seconds later by American Adventure Sports (AAS). First team out of TA1 is AAS, followed closely by Tecnu

Here's the skinny on the course
10/02 9:50 AM
1. Short trekking prologue, collect 10 points from a few CPs valued at 2, 4, 6, or 10 points. 2. Turn in prologue passport at TA1, get a new passport, gear up for Blazing Paddles, a 6 mile paddle down the Cumberland River. Collect 2 CPs on the way. 3. Get out at TA2, and hoof it for about a mile up to TA3, Laurel Cove Amphitheater, where bikes are staged. 4. TA3 to TA4 on bike for the King of the Mtn. 5. Trek out and back to TA4, collecting CPs 3-7. 6. Get bikes at TA4 and head out on the long bike leg, picking up CPs 7-15. 7. Bike to TA5, partake in the chuckwagon if so desired, then grab a canoe and collect CPs 16-19 on a placid lake. Come back to TA5 and partake again in the chuckwagon, possibly. 8. Bike from TA5 to TA6, picking up CPs 20 and 21 on the way. 9. Drop bikes at TA6, and trek out and back for CPs 22-30. TA6, Pine Mtn Lodge, is also the finish.

And they're off!
10/02 9:49 AM
Close to an on-time start, and they're off on a trekking prologue

Busses arrive!
10/02 7:11 AM
Competitors are loading up to head off to the start

Maps are distributed...
10/02 6:03 AM
...and teams are feverishly plotting UTMs. Bus leaves to the start in an hour.
 3 Shades of GreyFL O
 361 Adventures-Not Gonna Break DownOH O
 All Nuts, No GutsSC O
 Angry Cow AdventuresNE O
 Black DogAL O
 BushwhackerAR C
 Canyoneros-EA SportsFL O
 Checkpoint ZeroNC C
 Checkpoint ZeroNC M
 ChunkFL O
 Clean Up On Isle 12GA O
 Control FreaksKY C
 Dinoseries.comIN C
 Earth Bound HomiesCA O
 Extreme Electrical Contractors, LLC/Off the Front RacingMO O
 F3-Padres ErrantesSC O
 Good'NuffFL C
 Hombres De MaizTX C
 Hunter GathererOH O
 Lamprey Systems/St. Luke's HospitalPA C
 Law and DisorderKY C
 Layer 3GA C
 Mad TortoiseOK O
 Many BothansVT C
 Michigan Racing AddictsMI M
 No SleepIN C
 NYARA MastersNY M
 Off the Front RacingMO C
 Off-Course NavigationCA C
 Paddle On My Wayward SonAL O
 Past R Prime PowKS C
 Rib Mountain RacingWI C
 Richmond ASR: Raging BurritosVA O
 Rootstock RacingPA C
 Smell the GloveKY O
 Strong MachineME C
 Summit Adventure Racing/Team Commie BarPA O
 Team BrazucasVA O
 Team Bright ByteGA C
 Tecnu Adventure RacingCO C
 The Lost BoysIN O
 The Lost HighwayIA O
 Topo Adventure SportsOH C
 Wet Feet ARFL O
 WolfpackME O


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